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Prevent others from tracking you!
Your computer broadcasts a unique code, something like a house address or your social insurance number. This number, called an IP adress, can be tracked easily and 'spoofed', such that malicious programmers can see what you're doing and even pretend to be you. Protecting your IP address prevents malicious users from collecting your personal data and stealing your identity!

Continuous privacy protection!
Anonymous Surfing will protect your privacy and prevent people from knowing your IP address. This means that you won't have to worry about people snooping on your web browsing habits or poking around your hard drive, thus greatly minimizing the chance of identity theft. Stop worrying about intrusions and browse in privacy and security!

Securely protects all data!
Anonymous Surfing works through a process known as 'proxying'. By sending your Internet traffic through an anonymizing 'proxy', your traffic is rendered secure. The idea is that so many other people are using the proxy that your particular traffic is impossible to locate, being lost in a crowd. You'll never have to worry about your online banking or shopping being compromised!

Anonymous web searching made easy!
You may have anti-virus software and personal firewall prorgams. You might even have the latest service packs and anti-spyware applications. But as long as your computer's IP address isn't anonymized, you're still at risk! Every computer, by default, broadcasts an IP address. This address is unique to every connection on the Internet, meaning that a sufficiently determined and malicious individual could potentially track you down and figure out exactly what you're doing, at any time!

Without proxy server, you're at the risk of overt attacks or snooping. At best, that means your Internet access could be disrupted. At worst, someone could steal your banking information or personal data.